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Classified Shipments & Protective Services

Innovative Transport Solutions for Critical Industries

BEAM Logistics meets every need, concern, and challenge to ensure your cargo travels safely and securely and arrives where you need it, when you need it.

Our Capabilities

Beam Logistics has experience with high-value shipments that require dedicated support and work throughout the logistics process. We keep our priorities on the goal with every transportation project! 

Highly Trained Transport Professionals

Full-service logistical support from certified experts

Tried-and-True Methodologies

Safe, secure, and time-efficient

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Preserving the integrity of your unique shipment

Advanced Communication Technology

Real-time tracking for end-to-end visibility

Our Expertise

Meeting High Industry Standards with Transport Expertise


Meet strict time parameters for shipments.

Hazardous Materials

Ensure safe and secure HAZMAT transport.

Real-Time Tracking

Gain invaluable insight into your cargo’s progress and safety.

Strict Security Guidelines

Compliance with the most stringent security requirements

Specialized Handling

Dedicated to the unique handling requirements of your cargo

TSA-Certified Drivers

Meeting rigorous security guidelines to facilitate air transport

Our Markets

Serving a Range of High-Stakes Industries
BEAM Logistics provides incomparable freight transport solutions for the following industries:

BEAM Logistics provides incomparable freight transport solutions.

Your One-Stop Supply Chain Management Transportation Provider in America

BEAM Logistics is revolutionizing medical supply chain management using safe methods and cutting-edge technology to provideshipments and protective services in America.

From transporting advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) to ensuring the cold chain remains cold to preserve the integrity of critical products, there has yet to be a medical product for which we haven’t managed safe and successful supply chain management transportation.

The Utmost in Supply Chain Solutions

Far-Reaching Freight Shipping Capabilities:

High-Value Shipments

Transport your high-value cargo safely and securely.

Cross-Border Shipments

Smoothly and securely move cargo between the United States and Canada

Dedicated/Private Fleet

Gain transport control over your own cargo.

Classified Shipments & Protective Service

Secure transport of sensitive/classified cargo.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Secure, temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehousing

Expedited Service

Door-to-door transport within a tight timeframe.

Validated Temperature Control

Maintain temperature control throughout the chain of custody.

From logistical planning through specialized handling to the secure delivery of high-value, high-priority, and sensitive materials, BEAM Logistics is your ultimate transport solution. To discover more, contact us today.

Our employees adhere to the strictest security guidelines when transporting time-sensitive and hazardous material throughout the country. We dabble in shipment and protective services across North America, which gives us a rare cross-border edge over our competition.

Are you looking for timely and reliable supply chain transportation where time is of the essence and the difference between punctuality and tardiness is a matter of life and death? BEAM Logistics is the shipment and protective service for you!

BEAM Logistics

Life Sciences

Beam Logistics is a trusted shipment company for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bio-techs, and healthcare goods. We specialize in transporting sensitive life science materials, equipment, and products like vaccines and biologicals. We adhere to the highest standards of safety, protection, and quality transportation.

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