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Clinical Trial Logistics

Transporting highly-sensitive products related to clinical trials demands superior clinical trial logistics from transport providers. The transportation professionals at BEAM Logistics can adhere to the strictest parameters related to preservingclinical trial products in transit.

Incomparable Clinical Trial Logistics Service in the USA

Clinical trial products such as biologics and other clinical drug therapies are frequently temperature-sensitive, time-critical, and require specialized handling to maintain their integrity. Other clinical trial materials, such as medical devices and ancillary or investigator equipment, require attentive handling to remain intact throughout transit. BEAM Logistics employs the critical clinicallogistics required to safely bring a range of clinical trial products to their desired destination.

A comprehensive approach is put into place by BEAM Logistics to provide the safest, most effective clinical trial transport servicespossible. This approach includes the following:

  • Trained and certified personnel experienced in clinical trial logistics, from packing to transport
  • Proven packaging methods that take into consideration the storage and distribution of a wide range of equipment, appliances, and materials required to perform intricate clinical trials
  • Cold Chain Solutions with Validated Temperature Control to ensure temperature-sensitive clinical trial productsremain within required temperature ranges throughout transport
  • Comprehensive sustainability technology—BEAM Logistics’ advanced transportation management system and real-time tracking technology provide visualization and monitoring capabilities:
    • Real-time location, temperature, humidity, and security visibility
    • Real-time actionable alerts
    • Route analysis
    • Shipment analysis
    • Cloud-based records
  • Compliance for safe, secure transport:
    • Pharmaceutical compliance, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11
    • US Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance
    • TSA compliance

Efficient, Compliant Clinical Trial Logistics

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