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BEAM Logistics Hi-Tech

Comprehensive Hi-Tech Supply Chain Solutions

Transporting sensitive, high-value, hi-tech cargo calls for effective logistics solutions. The hi-tech transport experts at BEAM Logistics are dedicated to providing streamlined supply chain solutions for the hi-tech industry so that critical hi-tech shipments reach their destination securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Dependable Hi-Tech Cargo Transport

The BEAM Logistics hi-tech transport team understands the costs and risks involved in moving delicate technology components. From consumer electronics to network components, hi-tech cargo requires specialized handling and careful transport. The experts at BEAM Logistics are experienced in handling and transporting a range of hi-tech equipment, including the following:

  • Home Electronics
  • Computer components/PC parts
  • Computer servers
  • Oversized network equipment
  • Chemicals/Raw materials

Custom Hi-Tech Shipping Services

BEAM Logistics is equipped to meet every requirement of hi-tech freight shipping, from time-critical transport to high-value shipments to mass shipments of hi-tech products. Discover the wide range of services BEAM logistics offers, including the following options:

  • Cross-border Shipments-Facilitates the efficient and secure movement of your hi-tech shipments between the United States and Canada
  • Specialized Handling-Custom assessments of the unique handling requirements for your hi-tech freight
  • Real-Time Tracking-Instant, end-to-end visibility of your hi-tech cargo in transit, providing immediate data related to location and condition
  • Transportation Management System-Works to mitigate delays and damage during transport
  • Dedicated/Private Fleet-Secure a BEAM Logistics fleet completely dedicated to the transport of your hi-tech products
  • Expedited Service-Get your high-priority, time-sensitive shipments to their destination faster.2-Day and Next-Day shipping options available
  • TSA-Certified Drivers-Ensure hi-tech cargo gains access to any TSA-controlled area for shipment transfer from trucks to aircraft
  • State-of-the Art Fleet- BEAM Logistics’ fleet of transport vehicles are equipped to safely transport technology shipments

BEAM Logistics prioritizes safety, efficiency, and top-quality logistics and transport service for the hi-tech industry. To learn more, contact us today.