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Laboratory Logistics

When considering the transport of laboratory specimens and supplies, it is imperative for logistics professionals to employ laboratory logistics that ensure speed, efficiency, and safety in transport. Particularly considering infectious diseases like COVID-19, the need in today’s world for secure, reliable laboratory logistics supply chain solutions is essential. BEAM Logistics possesses the crucial knowledge, experience, equipment, and technical support required to dependably provide uncompromising laboratory logistics.

Innovative Solutions for Laboratory Logistics

Providing the proper logistics for the safe and efficient transport of time-sensitive laboratory products relies on a thorough understanding of the challenges involved in specimen transport. BEAM Logistics is fully versed in the complexities of laboratory logistics and is committed to reliably providing supply chain solutions that accelerate processes while safely maintaining the integrity of lab material.

Specialized Handling

Protecting vital lab materials from external harm, and recognizing the potential risks some infectious specimens can pose, requires specialized handling by highly-trained transport professionals. BEAM Logistics is familiar with the stringent transport requirements related to laboratory logistics, and the BEAM Logistics team is experienced in the kind of specialized handling associated with high value medical transportation services.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Hi-Tech Transport Technology

Beam Logistics’ top-of-the-line fleet meets all long-distance medical transportationstandards and is equipped to provide safe, swift, temperature-controlled transport for a range of sensitive laboratory material, door to door. BEAM Logistics utilizes an advanced transportation management system to boost transport efficiency. Through the use of advanced technology, BEAM Logistics safeguards its exceptional cold chain logistics and validated temperature control capabilities while providing instant visualization and monitoring capabilities for clients’ peace of mind.

  • Real-time location, temperature, and security visibility
  • Real-time actionable alerts
  • Route and Shipment analysis
  • Cloud-based records

BEAM Logistics understands that successful medical diagnoses depend on trustworthy transport logistics. To learn more about BEAM Logistics high-quality laboratory logistics, contact us today.

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