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Specialized Handling

Specialized Handling

Many types of cargo require specialized handling during transport. Whether you’re looking to move product that is temperature-sensitive, fragile, hazardous, over-sized, or otherwise in need of particular handling measures, BEAM Logistics has the expertise, experience, and equipment to provide the specialized handling your shipment requires.

Specialized Handling Services

The specialized handling experts at BEAM Logistics will work with you to assess the unique handling requirements of your freight and to develop streamlined logistics for transport. Using advanced real-time tracking and state-of-the-art transportation management technology, BEAM Logistics monitors your shipments to ensure their safe, timely delivery. Any interference to your product transport would be captured in real time so you can be immediately alerted.

Specialized freight frequently requires special permits or services in order to be legally and securely transported. BEAM Logistics provides escort vehicles and permit quotes as well as route planning and logistics strategies for a variety of industries, including the following:

    • Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical
    • Government and Defense
    • Manufacturing and Industrial
    • Hi-tech and Automation
    • Aviation and Automotive
    • Food & Beverage
    • And more

Specialized Handling Transport Vehicles

Specialized freight requires specially-equipped vehicles or trailers for secure transport. BEAM Logistics offers a range of vehicles to provide specialized handling transport, including the following:

  • Dry Vans – Weather- and theft-secure, suitable for the transport of hazardous materials, hi-tech electronics and robotics, and any fragile, high-value shipments
  • Refrigerated Trucks – Secured by validated temperature control and cold chain logistics, ideal for the transport of food products as well as pharmaceutical and life sciences products
  • Trailers for Oversized Loads – Allowing for product overhang, suitable for the transport of outsized/heavy freight:
    • Step Decks and Double Drop Decks
    • Lowboys
    • RGNs
    • Multi-axle
    • Chassis
  • Escort or Pilot Cars – Secures transport safety for outsized, hazardous, or classified shipments

Leave the specialized handling to the experts at BEAM Logistics. Contact us today.