BEAM Logistics Inc

TSA-Certified Drivers

In the business of transport logistics, TSA compliance has everything to do with securing a shipment’s safety and facilitating its smooth transport within the desired timeframe. As part of its firm adherence to strict security guidelines, BEAM Logistics ensures that each of its truck drivers is TSA certified.

Why Use a TSA-Certified Driver?

As per federal regulations, in order to enter any airport or facility controlled by the TSA and interact with airlines or cargo planes, a truck driver must be TSA certified. Since TSA certifications act to regulate freight for air transport, a TSA-certified driver is an essential element in securing both national and international airways. For this reason, a non-TSA-certified driver will be refused access to aircrafts, and any cargo in the driver’s truck will legally not be permitted to be transferred. Such a situation can result in serious cargo delays and missed deadlines. BEAM Logistics’ TSA-certified drivers are permitted access to any TSA-controlled area and to transfer shipments from their trailers to airplanes.

Securing TSA-Certified Driver Status

In order to obtain TSA certification, a driver’s company must itself be legally certified under the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC). For gaining access to any shipments that will be transported by air, a driver must also complete a Security Threat Assessment (STA), which involves a TSA-conducted security threat assessment as well as special cargo handling training.

  • All BEAM Logistics transport professionals complete CCSP training on an annual basis and have completed their STAs as well as all accompanying training in proper handling of cargo as well as sensitive security information.

The secure transport of your cargo is BEAM Logistics’ number one concern. Contact us today to learn more.