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Benefits of private fleets

A Guide to Private Fleets: Benefits and Implementation Strategies

Private fleets have significantly improved customer service at all levels, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible on the open market. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of hiring private fleets and how they can save you both time and money.


Private fleets can implement more safety protocols to keep accidents to a minimum. Crash data from the Department of Transportation found that private fleets are up to three times safer compared to the for-hire trucking industry.

One NPTC report suggested that safety plays an important role in customer service, with 52% of respondents agreeing that safety was crucial to improving customer service.

But keeping up with safety protocols in certain industries can prove to be more challenging, and it may just be better to outsource to an expert instead.

BEAM Logistics invests in high-end safety technologies to stay one step ahead of the curve. On average, private fleets invest in more disc brakes, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, and automatic transmission.


visibility into the supply chain

Companies often rely on private fleets in order to maintain complete visibility into their goods from beginning to end. This provides more transparency into the safety of their products, ensuring that any blame games are kept to a minimum. But this requires investment into logistics technology, including IoT sensors, that could be expensive to maintain.

Ensure you find a good provider that maintains technology applications to keep you well informed. Providers like BEAM Logistics will provide you with more visibility compared to other options.

Customized Solutions

It takes time and effort to foster good working relationships with logistics companies. A key advantage of maintaining private fleets is that you can customize them based on your company’s mission and vision. This gives you a more competitive advantage. With that said, it can take some time to set up logistics solutions based on your specific pain points and requirements.

Quicker Solutions

Private fleets care about the cargo they haul, especially when they’re transporting it over long distances. This is because private fleets thrive on providing better customer service to their clients, unlike larger corporation carriers.

This also means that if you ever run into a supply chain issue, it will be handled immediately because there are fewer bureaucratic hurdles in the chain of command. As a result, private fleets are far more efficient in the long run.

Implementation Strategies You Should Know

Before you hire any logistics company to get your product to customers, you should be able to ask the following questions:

  • Are my transportation needs complicated?
  • Are we struggling to hire and retain drivers?
  • Is managing our own private fleet costing too much of our revenue?

Depending on your needs, keeping a private fleet may or may not be advantageous for you. But if you feel outsourcing your transportation is a good solution, consider BEAM Logistics. With several years in the industry, BEAM Logistics specializes in shipments from various industries. Learn more here to get a dedicated private fleet.